Teltonika Router VPN İle Kamera Erişimi

Camera Access with Teltonika Router VPN


  • A router from the RUT series or TRB140;
  • Access to VPN network;
  • A PoE switch or other type of power supply for the cameras;
  • (optional)NVR (Network Video Recorder)

Configuration scheme

Camera Access with Teltonika Router VPN


The cameras and NVR are connected to a PoE switch, which is connected to a RUT router via Ethernet cables, placing all devices on the same LAN. The RUT router is connected to a VPN, which makes the network accessible to other VPN clients. To reach individual devices on the LAN, Port Forwarding is configured to each device on the RUT.

When this scheme is implemented, not only two routers will be able to communicate with each other, but end devices will also be reachable from each other and from each router.

First, let's configure a simple connection between two IPsec instances, namely RUT1 and RUT2 , as described in configuration diagram 1 above.

  • Log in to the router's WebUI and go to Services → VPN → IPsec . Enter a custom name for the IPsec instance ( we are using RUT1 for this example) and click the “Add” button:

Camera Access with Teltonika Router VPN

  • Click the “Edit” button next to the newly created example:

  • The features of both configurations are described as follows:

  • Last step to configure IPsec instances These are phase settings . We left the default Phase settings for this example. If you plan to change the Phase settings, make sure they match the Phase settings of the incoming connection (both Phase 1 and Phase 2):

If you followed all the steps presented above, your configuration should be complete. But as with any other configuration, it's always wise to test the setup to make sure it's working properly. To test an IPsec connection, log into one of the routers' WebUIs and go to Services → CLI. Log in with the username: root and the administrator password of the router. From there you should be able to ping the LAN IP address of the opposite instance . To use a ping command, type ping <ip_address> and press the “Enter” key on your keyboard.

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