Yealink'in Yüksek Güvenlik Standardı: Dünya Standartlarında Bir İşbirliği ve İletişim Çözümü

Yealink Security: A World-Class Collaboration and Communication Solution

In the digital age, security is more critical than ever. At this point, Yealink stands out with its globally recognized security and unique collaboration solutions. What you need to know about the high quality and reliable services offered by Yealink:

Yealink, a Worldwide Reliable Partner in Enterprise Solutions

  1. A Rapidly Growing Brand : Yealink has become a rapidly growing brand by doing the right things. It continues this success by gaining the trust of famous brands from all over the world.

  2. Easy Collaboration, High Efficiency : Yealink acts with the principle of "Easy Collaboration, High Efficiency". It offers the most suitable solutions for more efficient and trouble-free communication in your business processes.

  3. Exceptional Collaboration with Microsoft : Sandhya Rao, Head of Microsoft's Product Management Group, said about Yealink's wide range of products for Microsoft Teams rooms: "Yealink is a great partner!" commented.

Yealink's Commitment to Security and Global Security Standards Compliance

  1. Security is the Top Priority : Yealink considers security as the top priority in all its products and services.

  2. Compliance with Global Security Standards : Yealink complies with international security management systems such as ISO/IEC 27001. At the same time, SOC2 Type1, SOC2 Type2 and SOC3 certifications verify Yealink's stringent service control systems on security, privacy and private information.

  3. GDPR Compliance : Yealink complies with GDPR, a world-class data protection standard.

  4. Secure Storage of Data : Yealink stores product data in Microsoft Azure data centers located in Virginia and Paris, ensuring that data is securely protected in accordance with local laws.

  5. Regular Security Tests : Penetration tests are performed regularly on Yealink products to detect possible security vulnerabilities.

Wide Supplier Network for Yealink and Enterprise Solutions

Yealink enterprise solutions work with globally recognized key component suppliers to provide customers with a safe, quality and innovative experience.

Yealink is an indispensable part of the business world with its reliable suppliers, unique product range and globally recognized security standards. You can safely choose Yealink for your collaboration and communication solutions!

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