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Why is Call Center Headset Important?

As we all know, call centers are noisy environments and this noise causes stress, fatigue and tension in employees. Employees reflect this stress on customers and poor quality conversations take place. No one can hear each other, what is spoken is incomprehensible and a lot of time is lost due to sentence repetition. You can also understand from the working environment whether a company or call centers provide quality service. The fact that the background noise is not reflected on the other side increases this quality. At this point, the presence of noise canceling microphones in the call center headset plays an important role. Call center headsets and office headsets are essentially the same, and noise filtering is very important in both.

In such an environment, plug-and-play headphones with noise canceling microphones that can be used easily by everyone.

should be preferred. Ergonomic structure is important for employees when choosing headphones. Call center headset models require long-term use, so your choice should be right. Of course, you can use any office headset, but the elements that need attention in call center headsets should be examined in particular. Considering that they work with headphones all day, comfort comes first. If possible, a lightweight headset, a flexible headband, earphones with a call control unit and non-sweaty ear cushions should be preferred. EPOS' entry-level headphones are suitable for such work environments. The choice of functional and quality materials rather than visuals is especially important when choosing a call center headset. The cable length is another reason for preference in order not to restrict the movements of the employees. Plug-and-play earphones also have different connection types in EPOS products. You can choose Type-C, or standard USB or jack input.

The presence of a call control unit is important in terms of responding to calls instantly. Nobody likes to be kept waiting and quick action always gives a double advantage. A headset must have volume control, mute or answer call buttons on the call control unit.

Another important criterion is products with UC compatibility, nowadays most meetings are held virtually and companies run their business through many different communication platforms. Cisco, Microsoft Teams, Skype, and Zoom are the most common. In addition to compatibility, there is also a product group that we call certified products, which is actually provided by an extra button integrated into the product. The EPOS ADAPT 160T is Microsoft Teams certified and the product has a Teams button on the call control unit, the person can manage the meeting from there. Microsoft Teams certified headset is an extra solution, not a must-have headset. Of course, you can also use this headset as an office headset.

When call center headsets are selected in line with these criteria, they provide a better working environment and a higher quality service.

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