IoT Nedir? Nerede Kullanılır?

What is IoT? Where is it used?

What is IoT?

We have been hearing the name of IoT frequently in recent years. Most of us know what the internet is and how it is used. However, in recent years, we have started to hear this derived term a lot. It is known as the Internet of Things or more commonly its acronym IoT (Internet Of Things).

As the name suggests, it is a system of physical objects that can send and receive data between each other over the Internet. Previously, data connectivity was common mostly on computers and smartphones. Now in the age of IoT almost anything can be enriched with Internet access. From household items such as TVs, toasters, garage doors, smart watches, washing machines, to giant conveyors, robots and entire factories, it falls under the second subcategory of IoT, called the Industrial Internet of Things, or IIoT for short.

In addition, these smart devices can communicate without any human interaction, a feature that forms the basis of advanced automation and smart home systems. So it can be said that IoT is not only a way to improve the experience of interacting with devices, but also a way to make them serve a purpose in such a way that they continue to work and affect our lives even when we are not around.

Where is IoT Used?

Home Security

For most of us, it is important to know and feel good that our home and loved ones are safe. Wherever you are, the IoT can help you stay abreast of everything that's going on inside and outside your home. Even legacy sensors, smart locks, doors, alarms, cameras, smoke detectors and other security tools can be turned around with the help of IoT devices that can send informational alerts to your phone, email account or even directly to authorities or your security firm. If you accidentally forget, they can lock the doors for you.

Smart City

IoT systems continue to make your city smarter every day in ways you may not even be aware of. Have you ever used a ticket terminal or Wi-Fi Hotspot on any bus? We couldn't do this without the IoT. Being stuck in traffic is okay, IoT continues to improve on this issue as well. Examples of this include smart electric vehicles and charging stations, traffic light control and smart pedestrian crossings, street lighting.

Health care

With the increase and development of smart devices, it has become commonplace that people can record data about their sleep cycles, measure their activity levels, and monitor their daily physical and nutritional habits. At this point, IoT devices can help treat and even prevent certain health problems. It makes it possible to treat and prevent some ailments with the help of some smart sensors, implants or just simple applications on your phone or watch. Some of these devices can even transmit this information to your doctor, and in critical situations, notify you that you need to go to the hospital.

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