SBC Nedir ve Özellikleri Nelerdir?

What is SBC and What are its Features?

What is SBC?

Today Session Border Controller (SBC) is one of the key points of VOIP communication, SBC is a network security device that manages IP-based voice and video communication traffic on a network in general. SBCs help securely route voice and video traffic between two or more networks.

What are AudioCodes SBC General Features?

Audiocodes SBCs offer many different features to improve the quality of audio and video traffic passing from one network to another and to ensure network security. These include features such as various codecs and compression algorithms, packet editing, traffic management, number forwarding, and QoS (Quality of Service) settings. It also performs operations such as adding a codec to the existing audio package or changing the existing codec (Transcoding).

What security protocols does AudioCodes SBC support?

AudioCodes SBCs use different security protocols to secure IP-based voice and video traffic. SIP (Session Initiation Protocol), TLS (Transport Layer Security), SRTP (Secure Real-time Transport Protocol) are some of them. SBC is also used to secure voice packets without these protocols or to change protocols.

Where are AudioCodes SBCs used?

AudioCodes SBCs are typically used in large-scale communications networks such as service providers, large corporate companies, or IP-based communications systems. AudioCodes SBC solutions can be offered in software or hardware and offer a product portfolio from the smallest to the largest projects. In addition, hardware SBCs can be produced in a hybrid and modular structure that can be configured with various TDM ports, if desired.

What are AudioCodes SBC Types?

Pure SBC; They are devices designed to be used only as SBCs, they only have Network connection ports on them, Pure SBCs usually take an active role in the voice traffic of very large enterprises. Therefore, only the SBC function is managed through this device.

Hybrid SBC: They are devices with both SBC feature and various TDM ports on it, Mediant 1000B is modular and the desired TDM ports can be added and removed on it, You can use this device as Pure sbc if you want, or you can convert it into Hybrid SBC by purchasing additional modules. Mediant 500, Mediant 800B and Mediant 800C can have TDM ports on it as fabrication, the product code changes for each port configuration.

Mediant Virtual Edition (Virtual) SBC: It is a software-based SBC and it is sufficient to install it on a provided server. Able to run in virtual environments, this SBC is designed for small, medium and large businesses and comes with different features.

As each of these SBCs has different features and capacities, you can contact us before making a selection.

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