Router Nedir ve Nasıl Çalışır?

What is a Router and How Does It Work?

What is Router?

Router means router in Turkish. Router allows you to communicate between devices at your home, workplace or any place where you connect to the internet, and as the name suggests, it directs data traffic and internet between these devices.

The router forms an important part of the internet network. It contributes to the emergence of many different devices to the internet environment. Higher internet speeds can be enjoyed with the right type of routers and help protect your network against cyber threats.

You don't need to be an expert to understand what kind of Router you need. Learning the definition of the Router and what the Router does will help you choose the right product for your network.

How Does the Router Work?

To take an example of a home, there are computers, tablets, smartphones, printers and smart TVs. Thanks to the router, a network is created and this router ensures that incoming and outgoing internet traffic flows on the network in the fastest and most efficient way.

What are Router Types?

There are 2 types that we should consider when talking about routers .

  1. Wireless routers are connected directly to the modem with the help of a cable. In this way, it is allowed to connect to the Internet. Afterwards, the router creates the Wi-Fi network within its own coverage area, thanks to its internal or external antennas that can be attached later. In this way, it provides internet access to all devices on the network.
  2. Wired routers connect directly to devices via cable connection. They often need to be connected to the modem to access the internet. In this way, it creates a port or ports, allowing other devices to join the network.

What Should You Consider When Buying a Router?

All internet service providers (ISPs) give you a router or modem for a monthly fee. This given device may not be fully compatible with our usage area. Before buying a router, the things we should consider are wi-fi coverage, performance and wi-fi data security. You can get help by asking the expert sales team about the subject while purchasing these details.

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