Kablosuz İletişimde Son Teknoloji: Yealink DECT Telefonlar

Latest Technology in Wireless Communication: Yealink DECT Phones

What is DECT Technology?

DECT is an abbreviation for Digital Enhanced Cordless Technology. Simply put, this means that the phone can connect to its base wirelessly. This means you can walk and talk or make and answer calls from another room. The days of having to carry the entire phone set with you around the house are thankfully long gone!

Unlike corded phones, DECT phones do not connect directly to your landline. Instead, they require a separate main unit to operate. If you only have a single handset, this is simple enough – the base unit and charging unit are often combined into a single device. Extra handsets usually come with their own charging cradle.

What are the pros and cons of DECT phones?

The main advantage of DECT phones is that they are incredibly convenient. You are no longer limited to searching in a single room. Instead, you can get a range of up to 50 meters indoors and 300 meters outdoors. Additionally, you can always have a phone at hand, thanks to the seamless switching feature from base to base by connecting additional base stations. Each base station of the Yealink brand can support up to at least eight handsets, so you can place them throughout your home for added convenience. This makes them ideal for offices – no more carrying a handset from desk to desk!

Want to take things even further? The Yealink dect phone brand allows you to use what is called a repeater. This connects to the base remotely and expands its signal, and in some cases can effectively double the range of your wireless phones. Thick walls can have a big impact on DECT range, so if you live in one you should definitely take advantage of a repeater.

If you prefer to make your calls hands-free, we have even better news for you. DECT phones provide the ability to plug in a headset to make and receive calls. This feature is great for those who spend a lot of time on the phone at work, as it saves you from holding a handset to your ear for hours. Some DECT phones are only compatible with certain DECT headsets, but many more are Bluetooth compatible for added convenience.

IP Phone

Yealink Bluetooth Compatible Dect Handheld Terminal Model W78H

There are also many more optional extra features that are only possible with DECT phones. From advanced caller ID and nuisance call blocking to the crystal clear speakers of Yealink models, there's a whole new world to explore with DECT phones! Be sure to check the product specifications of each model to find out exactly what it has to offer.

The only real disadvantage of DECT phones is that they need a constant power supply to operate. Most of the time, this won't be a problem. However, in case of a power outage, you will not be able to use your cordless phone if it is not charged. To be fair, most people these days also have cell phones, so it shouldn't cause too many problems.

Yealink W59R SIP DECT Handheld Terminal

Yealink W59R is a professional, ruggedized DECT handheld terminal with built-in Bluetooth and vibration alarm, which is very suitable for dusty, humid and harsh environments according to the IP67 standard (withstands 1 cubic meter of water for 30 minutes and 2.5 meters drop resistance). Not only does it combine the advantages of wireless communication and the rich features of telephony over IP, it is also fully compatible with Yealink's Multi-Cell Systems for seamless roaming and transfer of calls.

If you would like to examine the Yealink W59R Dect handheld terminal and other Dect solutions of the Yealink brand , you can contact us.

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