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In Which Sectors Are Wired Headphones Used?

Although the popularity of wireless headphones has increased with developing technology, headphones with cables are still preferred in many sectors. Wired headsets remain the ideal option for some professional applications due to the benefits they provide, such as reliable connection, high sound quality and lower latency. EPOS wired headphones appeal to every sector and every budget. You can also use EPOS wireless headphones wired.

Wired Headphones in the Music and Entertainment Industry

Wired headphones are an essential piece of equipment for music industry professionals such as musicians, DJs, sound engineers and producers. High sound quality, accurate sound reproduction and reliable connection are important to ensure optimal performance on stage or in the studio. You can also use wired headphones as music headphones. EPOS ADAPT wireless headphones have Bluetooth technology, but it is also possible to use them wired. Since it has noise filtering features, it gives you a perfect music experience.

Wired Headphones in Radio and Broadcasting

Radio hosts, sound engineers and broadcasters use wired headphones during live broadcasts. In this way, they can maintain volume control, prevent feedback and filter outside noise while broadcasting.

Wired Headset in Gaming Industry

Gamers prefer wired headphones while gaming. Wired connection offers low latency and high sound quality, providing gamers with a more immersive gaming experience. We can say that EPOS is a world brand in this regard. The sound quality and the technologies it develops are so good that it gives the player the feeling of being in the game. Additionally, being able to hear game sounds, music and communications clearly provides a significant advantage in competitive games. EPOS offers players comfort in communication with its quality sound and performance.

Wired Headphones in the Telecommunications Industry

During phone calls or online meetings, wired headsets are frequently used. Wired headphones, which are preferred to provide good sound quality and clear communication, reduce outside noise and offer a better sound experience to the other party. EPOS wired headphones, unlike other wired headphones, filter noise and prevent your concentration from being disrupted thanks to ANC technology (active noise cancellation).

Wired Headset in Aviation and Air Traffic Control

Airline personnel, pilots and air traffic controllers use headsets with wires to ensure communication and improve flight safety. Reliable connectivity and high voice quality are critical in these industries.

Wired Headphones for Audio and Video Production

Filmmakers, sound engineers, video editors and production teams use headsets with cables in post-production. Accurate sound reproduction and being able to hear details clearly is important for improving the quality of audio and video content.

Call Center and Customer Service Headset

Call center employees and customer service representatives use wired messengers to handle customer calls and ensure clear communication. Clear and understandable voice is important to increase customer satisfaction. The biggest reason why EPOS wired headphones are preferred in this sector is that the products have the self-developed EPOS Voice Clarity feature. Thanks to this feature, your voice is transmitted clearly and as naturally as possible.

Wired headsets are widely used in many industries, including the music industry, radio and broadcasting, gaming industry, telecommunications, aviation, audio and video production, call centers and customer service. With advantages such as high sound quality, reliable connection and low latency, wired headphones continue to be an important tool for professional users.

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