Dijital Dönüşümde Yeni Adım: Zoom One ile Hibrit İş Modeline Geçiş

New Step in Digital Transformation: Transition to Hybrid Business Model with Zoom One

What Can We Do with Zoom One?

There have been big changes for business leaders in recent years. These include digital transformation initiatives, a shift to flexible working models and pressure to deliver world-class customer service.

An uncertain economy creates an environment where policymakers try to determine where to maximize and where to retreat to increase efficiency, reduce costs, and automate.

To remain competitive, you need to be customer-focused and flexible, and invest to accelerate growth. The good news is that communication and collaboration technologies make a meaningful impact while helping you stay flexible.

Flexibility is important for companies, employees and customers

One thing is clear: Hybrid jobs are here to stay. The best will need it and

Current and future generations may not even know business without a mixed approach.

This challenge is not limited to your office or company. Take a look at your customers, suppliers and partners. You'll find that most meeting participants are out of the office or at home. How will you find solutions to include everyone? Your collaboration platform should provide seamless and secure connections for internal and external stakeholders. You also have to deal with network issues and low-quality internet connections.

Luckily, if you use Zoom One, you're safe. Zoom gives you industry-leading security standards, intuitive design, and workflows for team chats, meetings, webinars, or calls. Our unified collaboration platform is constantly being improved with new features introduced in every update. From collaborating with Zoom Team Chat to innovations in existing products like Zoom Mail and Calendar or new Zoom Sessions, Zoom makes it easy to connect with internal and external stakeholders with minimal administrative effort. According to a Forrester study, our platform increases productivity by 52 minutes per employee per week.

Zoom One offers a comprehensive set of collaboration and communication tools.

Less office space, lower costs, more collaboration

Even if your business started in a traditional work model, ask yourself this question: Do you really need to go back to the office full-time? A reduced face-to-face workday may have you rethinking the office space you need. If you could convert some offices into co-working spaces, add privacy booths for virtual meetings, and add larger social meeting spaces, would that make your employees more creative? Can you downsize to reduce rent and utility costs? Or can you make better use of existing solutions? Zoom One is designed to be flexible to fit your needs.

For example, you can add Zoom Rooms to your subscription.

With just a small hardware investment, you can transform a traditional meeting room into a hybrid meeting space. Auto-framing cameras, our smart gallery feature, and microphone arrays enable remote participants to better hear and see their colleagues and participate more equally in conversations. This creates an environment where everyone is present no matter where they are.

Ready to embrace flexibility? Learn more about the Zoom platform and let us help you in the best way possible!

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