EPOS Bilimsel Yaklaşımı Nedir ve Markayı Eşsiz Kılan Faktörler Nelerdir?

What is the EPOS Scientific Approach and What Are the Factors That Make the Brand Unique?

Thanks to our science-based approach, we have a well-established place in the field of hearing health technologies in the world. Sound engineering and design is very important to us. In this way, we are a pioneer and innovator in high-quality audio solutions.

As EPOS, we:

  • We do research on how the brain perceives sound.
  • We produce sound technologies that aim to reduce the cognitive load on the brain.

➢ We expose the brain to the full soundscape.

➢ We emphasize natural speech.

➢ We suppress unwanted ambient sounds and noises.

Thanks to decades of psychoacoustic research together with Demant, we know what causes brain fatigue, how to measure the brain's information load, and we have integrated technologies that reduce cognitive load into our product portfolio. This provides many benefits such as reducing brain fatigue, increasing mental capacity and memory recall, reducing stress, energy expenditures and focusing for longer periods of time.

We have a unique technical capability that no competitor can claim, and we are pioneers in measuring the cognitive load of the brain. Measuring the cognitive load of the brain is possible by combining technologies that reduce listening effort and provide better performance conditions to the brain. It is impossible to close the ear from our sensory organs, our brain gets very tired trying to separate sound from noise. We separate sound from noise with the right technologies we produce. We help our brain by increasing the right sounds and suppressing noise.

This approach is at the heart of our scientific approach, underpins our products and enables us to maintain our position as a leading innovator in high-quality audio solutions. This is the main reason why we are pioneers in audio technology.

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