Adaptif Gürültü Engelleme Nedir?

What is Adaptive Noise Cancellation?

Adaptive noise canceling is an advanced feature that is frequently used especially in headphone technologies. This technology detects and analyzes background noise, ensuring the listener hears only the desired sounds. The word adaptive means that systems constantly measure environmental noise and adapt to that noise, adjusting blocking performance in real time. Thus, an optimal sound experience is provided regardless of the user's environment. This technology is very useful for cutting out background noise while listening to music or making calls on the go.

EPOS IMPACT 1000 series is a product series developed with EPOS AI technology. EPOS IMPACT 1061 ANC headset with active noise canceling feature has both wireless charging and adaptive noise filtering. It adjusts the degree of active noise filtering according to the intensity of the noise in the environment. It is especially suitable for open office workers.

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