Covid-19 Sonrası İş Yerleri

Post-Covid-19 Workplaces

Acoustics, Efficiency and the Future of Work

A report has been prepared by EPOS in partnership with WORKTECH Academy. The report “We Look Closer to the Future of Work” was a pioneer in the review of working conditions. The report is based on the latest scientific evidence on office productivity, employee performance, and a series of interviews with international experts in acoustics and neuroscience.

The purpose of the report is to report on the employee productivity challenges that are occurring during the Covid-19 pandemic, while providing concrete product solutions that can help provide the right acoustic conditions for extra productivity. As the coronavirus presents a unique opportunity to redesign the office environment for better performance, this report will help equip organizations and hybrid workers with the knowledge and tools to be as productive as possible wherever they work.

Did You Know?

Research shows that 80% of employees think technology has a positive impact on their productivity at work; two-thirds of executives see correlations between technology and their organization's performance, and 54%

believes that their organizations should take a step forward technologically.

While technology enables productivity in many ways, research suggests it can quickly become a hindrance if it underperforms or doesn't meet real needs.

After working remotely for more than two months, 33% of workers felt less productive in their current home environment because they did not have the appropriate setup, tools and technology to be more productive.

Future Sound Investments

Among the conclusions, the report reveals that any organization hoping to achieve a high-performing workplace in the post-Covid era will have to redesign the acoustics wherever their employees are – at home, at work, etc. As the future of work becomes more flexible, employees are seeking more autonomy and choice in where and how they work. An investment in great audio equipment not only makes employees feel their time and performance is valued by the company, it also gives them the practicality to work flexibly in any environment.

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