Okta Businesses at Work Raporu’na Göre Zoom Tüm Bölgelerde “Yükselişini Sürdürüyor”

According to Okta Businesses at Work Report, Zoom “Continues to Rise” in All Regions

While all organizations are going through a period of rapid changes in the business world, practices that play an important role in facilitating collaboration and innovations were evaluated in Okta's report.

According to the report, Zoom adoption continues to rise, particularly in certain regions such as APAC (Asia-Pacific) and EMEA (Europe-Middle East and Africa), and sectors such as education and technology. The report also noted that Zoom:

  • It is among the top five applications according to the number of customers,
  • It is the fastest growing application in APAC, according to individual users,
  • It is stated that Okta is used by 45% of Microsoft 365 customers

Some key items presented in Okta's report:

Zoom's global prevalence is growing

Zoom has become the go-to application for organizations trying to achieve seamless communication around the world. In Okta's annual report, “The great strength of the video conferencing space continues to rise among regional customers, with 37% growth in APAC and 45% in EMEA compared to the previous year. North America, where Zoom [Amazon Web Services] is approaching third place over AWS, ensures that the application maintains top positions on a global scale.” expressions are used.

Zoom is a member of the group (Google Workspace, Zoom and Slack) that has gained a large number of new members across APAC and EMEA and has been dubbed by Okta the “strong trio of collaboration”. The report states that the trio is “increasingly offering cutting-edge technology, functionality and usability in collaboration with companies.”

Zoom, especially in the APAC region, has become the fastest growing application in the region in terms of the number of unique users, with an increase of 231% in a short time.

Zoom in all industries

Every industry uses collaboration technology, whether it's creating a hybrid classroom or improving the service level of users. Today's Zoom users operate in many different industries. In the report, which reveals this diversity with the findings it has obtained; Zoom's popularity is more prominent in healthcare and pharmaceuticals, finance and banking, education and non-profit sectors, with the app emerging as the third most popular app in these industries.

Okta's report focuses on two sectors in particular: education and technology. Collaboration with Google Workspace and Zoom is focused on in the education sector. Zoom's continued growth at the individual user level is impressive, after the 2020 Businesses at Work (from Home) report noted that on March 23, 2020, education customers grew by 1941 percent compared to 28 days ago, and Zoom continues to attract users.

In the technology sector, companies focused on cooperation ensured the adoption of the application. “In the tech industry, we still see significant growth over the previous year by the strong trio of collaborations: 32% for Google Workspace, 33% for Zoom, and 34% for Slack.” statements are included.

Top 5: Twice in a row

Judging by the total number of customers, Zoom once again took the fifth place in popularity. The app has been one of the few apps that has seen phenomenal growth over the past year, and as the report states. Zoom recorded 36% growth.

Analyzing popularity by individual users, “Zoom has achieved an impressive 42% year-over-year growth, even after an astonishing 195% growth in 2020.”

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