Enjoy home cinema experience with just one click

If you are a true cinema enthusiast, listen to Sennheiser, which is shaping the future of sound! Expanded with AMBEO Soundbar Plus and AMBEO Subwoofer , the Sennheiser AMBEO Soundbar series brings the home cinema experience one step closer to real life in every corner it is placed.

Everything has changed now. Our houses, which used to be just shelters, are now sometimes our offices, sometimes our schools, sometimes our concert halls or gyms. So why shouldn't your home also be our movie theater?

Offering the power of a multi-speaker home theater system in an extremely stylish and single device, the Sennheiser AMBEO Soundbar series creates a small movie theater in your home with the new AMBEO Soundbar Plus and AMBEO Subwoofer, which guarantee a breathtaking cinematic experience when working together. Building on the success of the award-winning AMBEO Soundbar Max, considered by critics to be the best soundbar in the world, AMBEO Soundbar Plus; Thanks to its deep, immersive sound and more compact body, it puts you at the center of the true cinema experience.

Three-dimensional sound technology, developed with the Fraunhofer Institutes, which are considered world leaders in this field with their research activities in the field of sound technologies, is strikingly evident in AMBEO Soundbar Plus, as in AMBEO Soundbar Max. Detecting the acoustic characteristics of the room it is in, AMBEO Soundbar Plus places seven virtual speakers and four additional ceiling speakers around you. This results in a powerful and big sound that moves throughout your room, just like in a real cinema experience. All you have to do is leave yourself peacefully on your couch and enter the surreal world of the movies.

AMBEO Soundbar Plus, which is ready for use with an easy installation without the mess of complicated cables and speaker cabinets, uses the AMBEO|OS operating system. This allows the AMBEO Soundbar Plus to access multiple music streaming services. AMBEO Soundbar Plus supports Apple AirPlay 2, integrates with Google Assistant compatible devices including Spotify Connect, Tidal Connect, and Chromecast. Moreover, AMBEO Soundbar Plus creates seamless interaction with Alexa-supporting devices and Apple Siri.

In short, AMBEO Soundbar Plus brings together the depth of your favorite movie theater, visually stunning effects, and deep and powerful bass, bringing it to your own home. All you have to do is leave yourself peacefully on your couch and enter the surreal world of the movies.

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