Focal's home audio systems are in the Turkish market with the assurance of Bircom

Bircom, which successfully continues its nationwide distribution, localization, training, installation and after-sales services for the global brands it represents, has expanded its cooperation with Focal, the world leader that offers high quality audio solutions. Bircom, which has been the distributor of Focal's headphone category products in Turkey since 2020, has also added French Focal's home audio systems to its portfolio. The first step of Turkey's representation in this category was Focal's new high-quality speaker series Vestia.

Bircom continues to add the world's leading brands in the field of audio technologies to its portfolio. Until today, the organization has represented the headphone category products of the audio technology manufacturer Focal in the Turkish market, and has also undertaken the distributorship of Focal's home audio systems. Responding to the needs of audio enthusiasts with the 'best technology' experience, Bircom introduced Focal's new speaker series Vestia to consumers.

Focal, which is among the world leaders with its high-quality audio solutions and High-End headphones, is among the leading players in the Hi-Fi world with its patented technologies used in all its products designed in France. The brand, which has a wide range of products from home-use High-End speakers to car speakers and High-End headphones designed for audiophiles, combines the uniqueness of French craftsmanship with high sound standards with its more than 40 years of experience in the field of audio technologies.

One more step towards emotion with Vestia

Expanding its speaker collection with the new Vestia, Focal designed the Vestia series, consisting of five models, for high-quality music enjoyment and home cinema experience with its mastery in acoustics. Vestia reflects the purity of the Focal sound, made even more refined thanks to a range of sonic details and significantly improved treble reproduction. The five heroes of the Vestia series, developed and produced in Focal's workshops in France; While the floor-standing Vestia N°2, Vestia N°3, Vestia N°4 models are the Vestia N°1, a bookshelf speaker developed for small spaces and the center speaker of the home theater configuration, which perfectly complements a multi-channel system, Vestia Center… Deep and comprehensive bass The models that can be combined with the SUB 600P subwoofer have inclined stands for an optimum and natural sound environment.

Goddess inspired design

Offering the best acoustic speakers in terms of sound as well as design, Focal reveals a dynamic and stylish design that fits seamlessly into all interior styles with its elegant Vestia models. The French brand chose elegant surfaces for this series, inspired by Vesta and Hestia, goddesses of the hearth and home: front panels of speakers; It is highly aesthetic with a black or white leather effect accompanied by gloss black, dark wood or light wood veneer on the side panels. Paying attention to every detail with metallic rings that perfect the aesthetic appearance, Focal also provides Vestia owners who want more privacy with the opportunity to cover the speakers with the grill it provides.

Innovation in focus once again

Focal, a specialist in speaker driver cones, chose its own innovation, the Slatefiber cone, for the Vestia. Born with Chora in 2019, this cone made from recycled carbon fibers became a huge hit from the moment it was introduced. Engineers continued development work to further increase performance and adapt it to studio monitors and in-car kit. Focal has also equipped the products with the FULL tweeter, which is an 'M' shaped inverted dome for treble. Originally developed for the in-car collection, this particular tweeter has been revamped to work with Hi-Fi speakers and now appears on the Vestia with home products for the first time.

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