A soundbar that completely changed the world of home cinema. ''Bang & Olufsen Beosound Theatre''

Bang & Olufsen combines its products designed with a strong sound and perfect design approach with avant-garde style; With Beosound Theatre, it offers cinema pleasure in living spaces at a single point.

Beosound Theatre, created to provide a unique cinema experience; It combines 7.14 Dolby ATMOS technology with TrueImage, making it unique in its category.
With its specially designed patent-pending microphone calibration system, Beosound Theater is ready to provide the most accurate sound in any living space. Beosound Theater can be positioned on the floor or on the wall depending on the user's wishes, offering TV quality with the desired comfort.

Beosound Theatre; It is designed to be used for years with software that is updated over time and hardware parts that can be upgraded to offer new features. When switching to a larger or smaller television, Beosound Theater can become a perfect Bang & Olufsen experience that adapts to any screen with its modular structure.

This product is designed to be compatible with every TV; It can also be connected to different Bang & Olufsen speakers and take the sound experience to the top. Theater, which is easily installed with the Bang & Olufsen application that you can download to your smart devices, ensures that the sound is transmitted in the best way by measuring the distance between the listener and the speaker, calculating the obstacles in the room, and calibrating other speakers, if any. At the end of a problem-free installation, the listener is introduced to the highest quality and ideal tones of sound and music.

When you approach Beosound Theatre, the touch interface is activated and you can make controls via the stylish glass panel with a single touch.

Theater, designed by Noto GmbH, takes its audience away from the visual pollution of cables in the living space. Produced with materials that are as stylish as they are durable, Beosound Theater is an important proof that good things are permanent. With its timeless texture of aluminum and solid oak or fabric protection covers that you can change at any time, Beosound Theater is a sustainable technology that defies time as well as being a style icon.

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