Designer Speaker Bags from Balenciaga and Bang & Olufsen

“The Speaker Bag”, created by the joining forces of Balenciaga and Bang&Olufsen brands, combines design with high-end technology.

Bang & Olufsen teamed up with fashion icon Balenciaga for the Couture collection. Balenciaga's modern and timeless style came together with Bang & Olufsen's unique products of design and cutting-edge technology, resulting in a bag-shaped speaker: The Speaker Bag

The Speaker Bag was designed with Bluetooth feature to provide a wireless listening and carrying experience for those who love design and want to listen to music in its most dynamic form. This speaker, which has an 18-hour battery life, reflects the attention and care that both brands put into craftsmanship. Inspired by Balenciaga bags, the grill of this speaker is located on the front and the control buttons are located on the top. Each piece of this special accessory integrates with Bang & Olufsen's innovative and expert style.

Aiming to be able to be used as an accessory, there is a storage compartment on the back of the speaker, hand-wrapped from Balenciaga's Italian lambskin. This compartment is designed to easily fit small items that you may want to have on hand, such as your phone, wallet and keys. These unique speaker bags are produced in very limited numbers and are available only at select Balenciaga boutiques and Couture shows in Paris.

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