EPOS introduces ADAPT 560 headset for office professionals on the go

EPOS, part of the Demant Group built on 115 years of innovation and audio experience, meets the needs of the modern workforce with the ADAPT 560 headset, winner of the Red Dot 2020 Design Award. Building on the features of the brand's ADAPT product line, the ADAPT 560 is inspired by mobile professionals who want to work and collaborate across devices and in different locations without sacrificing style or crystal-clear sound.

EPOS introduced the new product of the ADAPT series, the ADAPT 560 II Bluetooth® headset, to audio enthusiasts. Designed to integrate seamlessly into the lives of busy, modern professionals, the ADAPT 560 unlocks users' potential while working in and out of the office. The unique design of ADAPT 560 offers exceptional sound quality and comfort, allowing users to adapt to the environment.

Use your voice your way with ADAPT 560

Featuring a portable wireless design, ADAPT 560 features a new and discreet foldable "boom arm" feature that allows users to instantly adapt to their needs and current functions. The ADAPT 560 is designed to ensure crystal clear quality, especially in voice conversations, with two advanced microphones placed on the boom arm. Allowing users to fully control the sound they need at home, at the airport or in a busy office, ADAPT 560 is a high-end headset developed to help professionals stay focused and productive despite their surroundings.

With Active Noise Cancellation (ANC), the ADAPT 560 reduces background noise interference thanks to an advanced quad-microphone array. ADAPT 560 further improves audio performance with UC optimization and multi-point connectivity that pairs two Bluetooth® devices simultaneously, allowing users to easily switch between devices. Users can direct meetings with the Microsoft Teams button on the headset. Activation is made even easier by instantly launching the app via a dedicated button on the headset.

All-round communication at all times

With ADAPT 560, users can effortlessly switch between devices via Bluetooth and enjoy multi-point connection at the same time. It can be connected to the computer with the BTD 800 USB dongle included in the package.

Stay connected with your surroundings

ADAPT 560's EPOS Voice™ technology allows interaction without removing the headset. With a battery life of up to 46 hours, ADAPT 560 offers reliable performance no matter where and how you work with its long battery life. The compact carrying case of ADAPT 560, which can be easily stored with its portable carrying case, includes a USB dongle and a USB-C cable.

Be active, get more with EPOS ADAPT 560

By reducing noise, EPOS ADAPT 560 increases productivity by preventing disruption of concentration of professionals working in open offices or on the move. Users can make clearer calls with the hidden boom arm for excellent speech intelligibility and take advantage of the ANC feature to focus in noisy environments. While excellent speech clarity enables highly efficient business conversations, the foldable boom arm of the Red Dot 2020 Design Award winner ADAPT 560 can be hidden by folding into the headband when not using the microphone.

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