Award to Bircom from Bang & Olufsen!

''The Highest Growth Globally Among Partners of Bang & Olufsen 2022/23''

Bang & Olufsen has made a name for itself in the Turkish market with its collaboration with Bircom. As a result of this collaboration, Bircom's successful representation of Bang & Olufsen was deemed worthy of an award by the brand.

In the past days; As a result of this unique self-sacrificing attitude being evaluated by Bang & Olufsen, Bircom; It was deemed worthy of the ''The Highest Growth Globally Among Partners of Bang & Olufsen 2022/23'' award.

Bang & Olufsen , the world-famous luxury audio and video systems brand , is launching stores in the Turkish market with its retail partner Hifilife A.Ş. continues to continue with. Bircom; As B&O Turkey Representative, he supports Hifilife A.Ş.'s Bang & Olufsen merchandising efforts in Turkey on behalf of the Bang & Olufsen brand. This collaboration, which has been going on for many years, continues uninterruptedly with the endless value and respect that the Bircom brand gives to the Bang & Olufsen brand.

Bircom continues all the activities of the brand in the Turkish market; It continues to bring its unique sound power and Scandinavian design approach to Turkish music lovers.

To see the Bang & Olufsen designs that Bircom, which represents Bang & Olufsen in the best way, has introduced to the Turkish market, to examine other brands and to get detailed information, you can visit the Istanbul, Ankara and Bodrum stores, which are open until the end of September, and check out the website.

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