Yealink Solutions for Zoom Phone

Zoom Phone, which has become the fastest system to reach 1 million users among all phone systems, has been put into use in 46 countries around the world in a short time.

The Zoom Phone solution, which will be offered to institutions and SMEs by authorized Zoom partner Bircom; In addition to the desktop application, it is also available through Windows, MacOS, iOS and Android applications.

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Zoom Phone Certified Products

Yealink CP960 IP Audio Conference Device

$899.00 + VAT

Yealink T31G IP Phone PoE Supported

$ 79.00 + VAT

Yealink T33G IP Phone PoE Supported

$ 109.00 + VAT

Yealink T46U IP Phone PoE Supported – No Adapter

$ 239.00 + VAT

Yealink T58A Android IP Phone PoE Supported Without Adapter

$ 489.00 + VAT

Yealink VP59 Android IP Video Phone PoE Supported

$799.00 + VAT

Yealink W59R SIP DECT Handheld Terminal

$ 199.00 + VAT

Yealink W80DM Multi Cell System Dect Manager

$ 399.00 + VAT