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Meeting Room Solutions

We hear with our ears, but we listen with our brain. EPOS Meeting Room Solutions are designed with unique algorithms and acoustics that help the brain orient and focus in hybrid meetings.

Your brain isn't designed for hybrid meetings

The digitalization of business collaborations has accelerated over the past few years. We spend hours in hybrid meetings where audio comes from both speakers and people. Our brain gets tired in these complex sound environments and our efficiency decreases.

63% of employees regularly experience problems with poor voice quality on calls

Time spent attending virtual meetings increased by 40%

56% of employees believe a good voice will prevent stress at work

Opportunities provided by video and audio solutions of EPOS BrainAdapt™ technology:


Productivity in hybrid meetings


Better concentration: whether you work in the office or from home


Productivity throughout the entire working period

Designed for all meeting spaces and your mind

Find the right Meeting Room Solution for you

Hybrid and remote working are now our new normal, and EPOS has designed and produced world-class audio and video solutions that enable seamless and high-quality global collaboration. Equip meeting rooms of all sizes with the right technology.

Small-Scale Meeting Rooms

For 1-7 participants

For professionals who work with team members in different locations and often need to meet in small-sized rooms.

Medium-Sized Meeting Rooms

For 11 participants or up to 11 participants

For professionals who attend formal meetings, presentations and interviews in different locations and often need to meet in medium-sized rooms.

Large-Scale Meeting Rooms

For 18 participants or up to 18 participants

For professionals who often need to meet in large-scale rooms, attending formal meetings, presentations and interviews in different locations.

EPOS is compatible with the platforms you work on

EPOS works with leading UC and software partners to ensure our devices are fully compatible with the platforms and software solutions you use. Our meeting and conferencing solutions are designed with hybrid work in mind.