Sennheiser ve Morgan Plus Four: Klasik Bir Otomobilin Modern Sesi

Sennheiser and Morgan Plus Four: The Modern Sound of a Classic Car

We have exciting news for classic car lovers! The renewed 2023 model of Plus Four, the iconic classic car of the UK-based automobile company Morgan Motor, contains a surprise not only in the areas of performance and design, but also in the sound system. In this new model, Morgan cooperates with the world-famous audio equipment manufacturer Sennheiser and offers a unique audio experience to car lovers.

The first thing that attracts attention in the interior design of the 2023 model Morgan Plus Four is its new and improved LCD screen. But digital innovations are not limited to this. There are a total of eight Sennheiser speakers inside the car, including four speakers hidden in the console, which are made entirely of aluminum and which consumers can change the color of.

This collaboration represents Sennheiser's latest foray into the auto industry, with its belief that audio is an integral part of the automobile driving experience. While Sennheiser enriches the driving experience with the high-quality speakers it provides to the Morgan Plus Four, it also adds a modern touch without disturbing the classic aesthetics and elegant interior design of the car.

This exciting collaboration reflects the values ​​of both brands, which pursue excellence in sound quality and automotive design. Combining Sennheiser's superior sound technology and Morgan's classic car design, this project promises an unforgettable experience for car and music enthusiasts.

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