KEF LSX II Bluetooth Hi-Fi Aktif Hoparlör: Kompakt Boyutta Yüksek Kaliteli Ses Deneyimi

KEF LSX II Bluetooth Hi-Fi Active Speaker: High-Quality Sound Experience in Compact Size

KEF LSX II Bluetooth Hi-Fi Active Speaker invites you to the world of High Quality Sound with its realistic sound experience. Renewed in its second generation, this all-in-one compact speaker system has evolved and is equipped with special smart connectivity solutions to deliver higher resolution, balanced sound.

Now you can listen to anything wirelessly with the KEF LSX II. You can enjoy music from anywhere by providing seamless access to many platforms such as AirPlay 2, Chromecast, Spotify and Tidal. Additionally, this compact speaker system offers seamless connectivity to your laptop, TV, and many other devices.

KEF LSX II supports up to 24-bit/384 streaming with dedicated amplifiers inside each speaker. In this way, it offers the highest quality sound of its size, making high quality sound accessible to a wider audience. Despite its compact size, the LSX II delivers sound quality beyond its size. You can easily mount these speakers on a bookshelf, desktop, or even on the wall with special accessories.

KEF LSX II Bluetooth Hi-Fi Active Speaker is designed to offer its users a sound experience so real you can touch it. With its compact structure, high quality sound and rich connection options, KEF LSX II takes the music enjoyment in your home to the highest level.

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