EPOS ve AudioCodes Güçlerini Birleştirdi

EPOS and AudioCodes Join Forces

The nationwide distribution, localization, training, installation and after-sales services of the global brands it represents continue to be successfully carried out by Bircom. EPOS, which is among the brands that Bircom distributes, will provide both time savings and efficiency with its cooperation with AudioCodes, which offers IP-based communication solutions.

With the collaboration between EPOS and AudioCodes, IT administrators will be able to manage EPOS devices directly through the “AudioCodes One Voice Operations Center” (OVOC). With the integration, remote control of software and configurations will also be provided. OVOC will facilitate device management while integrating centralized voice network management and voice network design applications for VoIP systems.

Efficiency in Business Processes Will Increase

Efficiency in business processes will also be increased through the EPOS Manager program, which enables IT managers to manage, update and configure EPOS headsets and speakers from any point.

In cooperation; software updates are also available remotely, so users will be able to take advantage of the latest features of their EPOS devices. Thanks to the admin panel, detailed data can be accessed. Thanks to the panel, active and passive EPOS ADAPT, IMPACT headphones and EXPAND speakers will be accessed.

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