Bang & Olufsen'den Yepyeni bir Soundbar

A Brand New Soundbar from Bang & Olufsen

Bang & Olufsen is proud to introduce Beosound Theatre, an all-new soundbar that perfects the cinematic experience. Beosound Theater combines with Truelmage, equipped with 7.14 Dolby ATMOS technology, to offer a unique sound experience. Beosound Theatre, which can be positioned both on the floor and mounted on the wall, is equipped with time-updated software and upgradeable hardware parts designed to be used for years.

Beosound Theater is a product that is compatible with all types of televisions and can also be easily connected with different Bang & Olufsen speakers. Easily installed via the Bang & Olufsen app, Theater measures the distance between the listener and the speaker, calculates the obstacles in the room, and calibrates other speakers when necessary to ensure the best transmission of sound.

Designed by Noto GmbH, Beosound Theater eliminates the visual pollution of cables in your living space. With the magnificent texture of aluminum and the solid oak or fabric protection covers that you can replace at any time, Beosound Theater becomes the symbol of both a style icon and a sustainable technology that defies time.

Bang & Olufsen Beosound Theater pushes the boundaries with its superior sound quality, innovative technologies and elegant design while bringing the cinema pleasure to your home. A perfect option for those who want to have a cinematic experience in your living space.

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