Bang & Olufsen'dan Teknoloji ve Sanatın Mükemmel Sentezi: BeoLab 90 Berluti Edition

The Perfect Synthesis of Technology and Art from Bang & Olufsen: BeoLab 90 Berluti Edition

Bang & Olufsen, our leading brand known for its sound quality and design, raises the bar again with its latest product, BeoLab 90 Berluti Edition. Combining the mastery of Bang & Olufsen and Berluti, this special design offers a unique experience with its elegant aesthetics and superior sound performance.

With patented sound technology and a powerful 8200 watt amplifier, BeoLab 90 Berluti Edition allows you to enjoy your music experience to the fullest. Real leather details, sophisticated touches and the iconic Berluti logo make this product more than just a speaker, it becomes an aesthetic part of your home.

This latest marvel from Bang & Olufsen will fascinate not only with its sound but also with its appearance. BeoLab 90 Berluti Edition represents the perfect combination of technology and art. Don't miss this special product signed by Bang & Olufsen and Berluti.

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