Yealink MeetingBar&CTP Log Dosyaları Alma

Getting Yealink MeetingBar&CTP Log Files

To improve troubleshooting efficiency for A20, A30 and CTP18, Yealink R&D requires diagnostic files on the device(s) to find the root cause.

When submitting diagnostic files, please ensure the following information is included:

1. The point in time at which the problem was recreated.

2. Whether the daily level is L6 or not.

Please see the picture below and follow the steps:

1. Log in to the device's web UI,

On the device, go to more -> Settings -> Device Settings -> About to find the IP address of the Meetingbar or TouchPad. Open your web browser with a PC on the same network as the device, type the IP address to go to the Web user interface. Log in with default username/password: admin/0000, as shown below:

2. Go to Settings -> Configuration, set Local log level to 6 in the Syslog section and confirm.

3. Export two types of logs on both A20/A30 and CTP18 (if you purchase a package with CTP18) as follows:

1) Export All Diagnostic Files , click Start -> reproduce the problem -> click Stop -> click Export.

2) Export the Application Log (included in the Diagnostic Files above for A20/30 running or higher, or for CTP18 running or higher)

(Note: Accurately record the time the problem occurred and provide it to Bircom technical Support team. e.g. 5 August, 08:10 )

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