Synway PBX Inbound, Outbound Ayarları

Synway PBX Inbound, Outbound Settings

How to Set Synway PBX Inbound, Outbound?

Step 1

We log in to the interface of our Synway switchboard.

We click on PBX > Trunk > Add.

synway pbx

Step 2

We write the IP address of the switchboard on the other side into the Trunk IP/Domain section.

We choose which interface to trunk from the ETH port section.

After these procedures, we have installed the IP to IP trunk.

Step 3

The SIP port to be used for trunking is entered in the PBX>SIP SETTINGS>TRUNK PROFILE SETTING section.

We come to the inbound route section to receive incoming calls. Here we select the trunk we configured.

In the did pattern section, we write the ^\d*$ rule, which is the synway general incoming call rule.

The target number of the incoming call is defined in the *DID Number section.

In our Synway outbound settings, we can write the general search rule ^\d*$.

We can perform operations such as deleting and adding from the end and beginning of the number from the strip, prepend and suffix sections.

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