RUTxx Wake On Lan Özelliği

RUTxx Wake On Lan Feature

In this article, you can learn step by step how to activate the Wake On Lan feature for Teltonik RUT devices.

What we need in this scenario;

A Router from the RUT2xx or RUT9xx series.
A PC with a Wake on LAN compatible network card.

1- Open Windows Device Manager (press Windows Key + R and search for “device manager”) and find your Ethernet network interface card in the Network adapters section. Right-click the adapter and select Properties.

wake on lan feature

2- Go to the Advanced tab, find and select the Wake on Magic Packet option and set its value to Enabled;

3- Then go to the Power Management tab and put a check mark next to the Allow this device to wake the computer option;

4 -Save the configuration. Now open Windows Command Prompt (press Windows Key + R and search for “cmd”) and enter the ipconfig /all command. This action displays all information about the network interface. Find the relevant network adapter and copy its MAC (Physical) Address into the WOL configuration of the router (Services → Wake on LAN);

5- Save the router configuration. Put your computer to sleep and click the “Wake device” button to test if your configuration is working.

Note: For Wake on LAN to work, some computers will require you to make some additional power management settings in the computer's BIOS menu. Since the process of accessing the BIOS menu and changing its settings depends on the computer's motherboard manufacturer, this part is not included in the step-by-step instructions.

If you can't wake up your computer even after following all the steps, try searching online for how to change your computer's BIOS settings to allow Wake on LAN.

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