RS232 – TCP/IP Erişimi

RS232 – TCP/IP Access

In this article, you can find step-by-step instructions on how to establish bi-directional communication between two serial RS232 devices over TCP/IP.

To provide this connection we need;

2 RUT 955s.

PCs or RS232 devices that can send and receive data, here we will use PCs with RS232 ports.

You can see the topology we will create below.

In this example, RS232 Devices work as both Master and Slave.

To configure in WebUI, go to Services > RS232/RS485 > To RS232 tab.

  • Activate the serial port,
  • It should be configured as Serial Type – Over IP.
  • Configuring the Mode to Bidirect allows the device to act as both Server and Client.
  • The server address is the Static External IP of the devices. If your devices are within a local network connection, you can also operate them when given a local IP.
  • The port used by Router 1 to connect to the server will be used as the TCP port for Router 2 and vice versa.

Once you have completed the serial port configuration, add the interfaces that the routers will communicate with, you can add the IP address that it will be allowed to connect to, or enter to allow all connections to come through the correct port.

After completing all the steps, you can test the connection with the Hercules program.

Both can send and receive data from the other device via RS232.

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