Zoom’u Video Konferans Platformlarında Ön Plana Çıkaran 18 Özelliği

18 Features That Make Zoom Stand Out in Video Conferencing Platforms

Zoom is a video conferencing application that has become popular around the world in the last few years. It was originally designed for businesses and professionals to meet digitally, but with the COVID-19 pandemic, it has also begun to be used to enable students to connect with their classes and families to connect with their loved ones. Zoom offers its users a number of interesting features.

Here are some of the most interesting features of Zoom:

Virtual Backgrounds:

Zoom allows users to change their background during meetings. So, before joining the meeting, users can change their background to a professional-looking office environment or vacation scene.

Noise Cancellation:

Zoom's noise canceling feature makes the speaker's voice clear by automatically filtering out background noise. This feature is especially useful for users who work or learn at home.

Screen Sharing :

Zoom offers users the option to share a screen. This feature can be used to show the screen to other users while giving a presentation, showing a file, or solving a technical problem.

Chat Feature :

Zoom offers a chat feature that allows users to chat with each other during the meeting. This feature allows interacting with other participants without distracting the speaker.

Virtual Raise of Hand :

This feature allows people who want to speak during a meeting to virtually raise their hands, giving other participants the opportunity to speak in turn.

Whiteboard Sharing :

Zoom's whiteboard feature allows users to draw and write notes on a whiteboard. This feature allows visual sharing of ideas and plans during a meeting.

Automatic Subtitles :

Zoom's automatic captioning feature automatically transcribes what the speaker says and allows meeting participants to view the captions. This feature is especially useful for hearing-impaired users.

Virtual Hands:

This feature allows users who want to ask a question silently during a meeting to attract the speaker's attention by making a virtual hand sign.

Zoom Rooms :

This feature enables more effective collaboration by breaking large meetings into smaller groups. Users can have a more private discussion about specific topics in Zoom rooms.

Custom Backgrounds:

Zoom offers users the ability to personalize by uploading their own custom backgrounds. So users can use their own images or favorite landscapes as a background before joining the meeting.

Virtual Camera :

This feature allows a user to use their camera as a virtual camera. Users can filter their background or create a more interesting look using Zoom's virtual camera feature.

Application Sharing :

Zoom allows a user to share an application with other participants. This feature is especially useful for technical support or to demonstrate the use of an application during a training session.

Crowd Control :

Zoom's audience control feature lets you control certain settings during a meeting, such as muting or unmuting participants' microphones, sharing or pausing the video. This feature makes a meeting more organized and easier to manage.

Camera and Audio Controls :

Zoom offers users a better meeting experience by providing camera and audio controls. This feature allows users to turn their camera on or off, their microphone on or off, and control other settings.

Recording and Sharing :

Zoom allows you to record a meeting and watch or share it later. This feature is extremely useful for those who missed a meeting or want to watch it again.

Collaboration Tools :

Zoom offers different tools to collaborate during a meeting. These tools include whiteboarding, surveys, polls, file sharing, polls, and more.

Call Integration :

Zoom offers an integration feature that allows you to call into or receive a meeting. This feature enables integration with other platforms and prevents users from switching between different platforms.

Face Recognition :

Zoom offers users a safer meeting experience thanks to its facial recognition feature. This feature ensures authentication by recognizing participants' faces and prevents unauthorized access.

These features enable Zoom to provide its users with a more secure, effective and efficient meeting experience. Zoom strives to better meet users' needs by constantly adding new features.

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