Yealink UVC34 All-in-One USB Video Bar ile Sanal Toplantılarınızı Bir Üst Seviyeye Taşıyın

Take Your Virtual Meetings to the Next Level with Yealink UVC34 All-in-One USB Video Bar

In a digital world, with video meetings becoming the new norm, having a setup that offers both excellent audio and visual quality is critical. This is where Yealink UVC34 comes into play.


Integrated 4K AI Supported Camera

UVC34 automatically frames participants with its 4K ultra HD camera, providing remote participants with a crystal clear and immersive video experience.

Wide Angle Lens

With a 120° super wide-angle lens, UVC34 can capture even the smallest details in the meeting room.

8 Microphone Array and Internal Speaker

Thanks to Yealink's Noise Canceling Technology, echo cancellation and full duplex, users can hear and hear clearly without distortion.

Easy Installation and Portability

Thanks to its integrated design, the UVC34 is very easy to transport and install. You can start your meeting quickly without needing additional drivers or software.

Privacy and Security

The electric lens cover opens and closes automatically when starting or ending a meeting, thus preserving the privacy of meeting rooms.

Multi-Platform Support

UVC34 is compatible with many video conferencing platforms such as BlueJeans, Google Meet, Cisco Webex, GoToMeeting, Yealink Meeting.


Yealink UVC34 is the ideal solution for small and huddle meeting rooms. With impressive picture and sound quality, easy portability and installation, and multi-platform compatibility, you have the power to impress everyone, wherever your business is.

If you need further information or assistance, you can contact Yealink at .

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