Yealink DeskVision A24 Microsoft Teams Ekranı Nerede ve Nasıl Kullanılabilir?

Where and How Can Yealink DeskVision A24 Microsoft Teams Screen Be Used?

Yealink's innovative product, DeskVision A24, is a device that will completely change your desktop collaboration experience. So, where and how can you use this wonderful device? Here's your guide:

How to Use DeskVision A24 Microsoft Teams Display in the Office?

1. Reception Desk:

If you are in a corporate company or an office environment, you can greet your guests impressively by using DeskVision A24 at your reception desk. Thanks to the built-in 4K camera, you can hold quick video conferences with remote participants.

2. Private Phone Calls Room:

When you can't find an available meeting room, you can quickly set up and use this device for private phone calls or team meetings. Thanks to its adjustable bracket, it quickly adapts to any table.

3. Personal Workspace :

You can interact with your teammates on your desktop, in your own personal space, by collaborating with A24 via Teams, and share your ideas with the whiteboard feature.

What are the Usage Areas of DeskVision A24 Microsoft Teams Screen while at Home?

1. Home Office (Work from Home Environment) :

Post the COVID-19 pandemic, the concept of working from home has become the norm in many industries. You can have a professional video conferencing experience by installing DeskVision A24 in your home office. Thanks to its built-in microphone and advanced sound cancellation technology, you can have clear conversations without being affected by external sounds at home.

2. Creative Workspaces :

If you are a content creator, you can prepare impressive presentations in your creative projects with the 4K camera and touch screen features offered by A24.

Is it possible to use DeskVision A24 while traveling?

Mobile working culture is becoming increasingly widespread. Even when you're traveling, you can set up and go anywhere thanks to the A24's compact design. Be ready to collaborate anywhere, whether in hotels, airports or on client visits.

Yealink DeskVision A24 is a device that will take your collaboration experience to the next level in both office and home environments with its flexibility, creativity and superior technological features. It is designed to support you in both your individual and team work. With this innovative product from Yealink, it is now much easier to collaborate wherever you are!

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