WLAN ve Wi-Fi: Teltonika Bu İki Kavramı Nasıl Birleştirdi?

WLAN and Wi-Fi: How Did Teltonika Combine These Two Concepts?

Are Wi-Fi and WLAN the same thing? In the tech world, terms are often confused with each other, which can cause confusion for users. Especially when it comes to wireless internet connection, the terms WLAN and Wi-Fi are often used interchangeably. However, there are certain differences between these two terms, and leading brands such as Teltonika clearly show how they combine these terms in their products.

What are the differences between WLAN and Wi-Fi?

WLAN (Wireless Local Area Network)

WLAN stands for wireless local area network. It is a structure in which one or more devices are connected to a network, usually through a wireless router. WLAN includes not only Wi-Fi but also other wireless communication technologies.

Wi-Fi (Wireless Fidelity)

Wi-Fi appears as the most popular WLAN technology. Wi-Fi is a WLAN standard that provides wireless internet connection. In summary, all Wi-Fi connections are WLANs, but not all WLANs are Wi-Fi.

What are Teltonika's Wireless Solutions?

Teltonika specializes in industrial networking devices and solutions. The company offers a range of products using both WLAN and Wi-Fi technologies. Here's how Teltonika combines these two terms:

Flexibility and Integration

Teltonika devices are designed to be compatible with different WLAN technologies. This allows users to integrate not only Wi-Fi but also other wireless technologies.


Teltonika's products attract attention with the high security standards they provide over Wi-Fi. In this way, users can create a secure WLAN network both at home and at work.

High performance

Teltonika's WLAN and Wi-Fi devices offer high data speeds and stable connectivity. This is ideal for transferring large data packets quickly and efficiently.

Remote Management

Teltonika industrial network devices allow users to control their devices from anywhere, thanks to cloud-based remote management options. This is a huge advantage, especially for businesses with multiple locations.

WLAN and Wi-Fi are two terms that are frequently used in the world of wireless communications but have different meanings. By combining these two concepts, Teltonika offers its users both flexibility, high performance and secure solutions. If you are looking for a wireless networking solution, it will definitely be useful to examine Teltonika's wide range of products.

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