Video Konferans Teknolojisinin Eğitim Alanına Katkıları

Contributions of Video Conferencing Technology to the Field of Education

Overcoming Geographic Barriers

Video conferencing makes it irrelevant where trainees are located. It is possible for students from different regions, even different countries, to attend classes.

Time Management and Comfort

Distance education simplifies time management by eliminating the need for transportation and relocation for students and teachers.

Active Participation and Student Studies

Various interactive features such as screen sharing, creating surveys, and group activities during the lesson enable students to be more interested in the lesson.

Diversity and Rich Content

The participation of guest instructors in the courses allows you to get information from experts in different subjects, thus making the training content richer and more versatile.

Repetition and Fundraising

The ability to record course content provides a resource for students who have missed the course or want to review it.

Equal Opportunity and Individual Learning

Video conferencing makes it easier for students to progress at their own learning pace and access different resources.

Multiple Learning Styles

Easily using visual and audio materials suitable for different learning styles creates a more effective learning process.

Instant Evaluation and Feedback

Thanks to video conferencing platforms, instructors can quickly and effectively monitor students' performance and provide necessary feedback instantly.

Potential Challenges and Recommendations

  • One must be prepared for technical infrastructure problems.
  • It should be noted that video conferencing cannot fully meet social interaction.
  • A good internet connection is critical to the efficiency of video conferencing.

In conclusion, video conferencing systems can be very useful tools in education, but in order to use the full potential of these technologies, it is necessary to pay attention to both technical and educational issues.

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