İş Dünyasında Zoom Devrimi: 5 Büyük Değişim

Zoom Revolution in Business: 5 Big Changes

Until a few years ago, face-to-face meetings and physical presence remained important in the business world. However, recent technological transformations and mandatory work from home practices have made video conferencing platforms, especially Zoom, indispensable. Zoom has changed the business world in many ways. Here are the 5 most obvious changes:

Meeting Culture with Zoom

Zoom has completely changed the usual ways of business meetings. This new order, in which it is not necessary to be physically in the same place, has enabled people from all over the world to attend meetings with a click. This means saving both time and eliminating transportation costs.

Working Remotely with Zoom

Zoom has taken remote working to a whole new level. The ability of employees to work from their homes or a different location has expanded the boundaries of workplaces. This has provided employers with the opportunity to expand their talent pool and helped employees maintain work-life balance.

Events and Conferences with Zoom

Zoom has enabled large-scale events and conferences to be held digitally. Businesses can organize online events and conferences that can bring together thousands of participants from around the world, without the need for limited physical spaces and high travel costs.

Education and Learning with Zoom

Businesses can organize online seminars and workshops to support the training and development of their employees via Zoom. Individuals can learn new skills and improve themselves without leaving their homes or offices.

Productivity with Zoom

Zoom has also changed the perception of productivity in the business world. Less travel and less time loss helps employees focus more on their work. In addition, the tools and features offered by Zoom help make meetings more organized and effective.
The transformations that Zoom and similar video conferencing platforms have created in the business world are a perfect example of how technology is rapidly evolving and changing the way we do business. These changes have brought about new ways to do business and communicate effectively across teams around the world.

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