Zoom Toplantısına Katılımcıları Nasıl Davet Edebilirim?

How Can I Invite Participants to a Zoom Meeting?

How do I invite attendees to a Zoom Meeting?

There are several ways to invite attendees to instant or scheduled meetings.

  • Forward Instant Meeting Invitation

  1. Invite by email
  2. Chat / Invite via Contacts
  3. Copy the URL or copy the invitation
  • Pre-Planned Meeting Invitation

Invite with Zoom desktop program

Invite from Zoom website

You can also invite by phone or room system.

How to Forward an Instant Meeting Invitation on Zoom?

During the meeting, you can invite people to join the meeting by clicking the Invite tab in your meeting controls.

After clicking Invite, you can choose from Invite by Email, Invite by Instant Message, Invite by Phone (requires audio conference plan) or Invite Room System (requires Cloud Room Connector Subscription).

How to Use the Invite by E-Mail Option?

Click Invite in the meeting controls, then click one of the three email options.

  • Default Email option opens your default email application (like Outlook, iCal)
  • Gmail or Yahoo Mail opens a web browser and you need to sign in with your Yahoo or Gmail account. If you are already logged in, the meeting information added to the body of the email will automatically create a new email.

How to Use Invite with Contacts option in Zoom?

  1. Click Invite , then click Invite by People .
  2. Select their name from the window or search for a contact.
  3. Click the person you want to invite. You can select more than one person. After selecting this option, their name has a checkmark next to it and they appear in the list at the top of the window.
  4. Click Invite in the lower right corner.
  5. Select people and click Invite .

How to Make Copy URL or Copy Invitation Option in Zoom?

Click Copy URL or Copy Invitation if you want to send your instant meeting information to a different location. Copy URL will copy the meeting join link and Copy Invitation will copy the entire invitation text. You can then paste the invitation link or text using ctrl-V on PC, cmd-V on Mac, or right-clicking and selecting Paste.

Scheduled Meeting Invitation Option

Schedule a meeting on the web or directly from the app.

Steps to Use the Invite Option from Zoom Desktop Client

Click Meetings after logging in to the Zoom desktop client.

Select the meeting you want to invite others to. Click Copy Invitation .

The meeting invitation is copied and you can paste this information in your e-mail or anywhere you want to send it.

How to Use the Invite Option from Zoom Web Portal

Click on the subject of your meeting from the Meetings page of the Zoom web portal .

Next to Clock there are options to add it to your calendar.

If you click Google Calendar or Yahoo Calendar it will automatically create a calendar event in the particular email service you choose.

If you click Outlook Calendar, an .ics file is created that you import into your Outlook calendar .

You can also manually copy the meeting information by clicking the copy invitation text.

If you click Copy Invitation , another window opens with the meeting invitation text.

Click Select All .

You can copy the invitation and send it via email or elsewhere.

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