Hibrit Düzende Kullanılabilir Kulaklık Modelleri Nelerdir?

What are the Headphone Models Available in Hybrid Layout?

Headphones preferred in a hybrid setup should generally be active noise canceling and wireless headphones. Of course, there may be people who prefer wired headphones, but wireless headphones will give you freedom.

The headset you can use at home, in an open office or in cafes should definitely isolate you from the environment. In this regard, we can say that the size of the ear capsules, the way they fit in the ear, and the presence of a microphone that filters noise are the main items to be considered. While noise canceling on the microphone allows you to have a quality call, active noise canceling technology isolates you from the noise around you. Whether you're having a meeting at home in a room where the vacuum cleaner is running or buzzing in a cafe, EPOS headsets will provide you with a quality conversation. EPOS ADAPT series bluetooth headphones are ideal for these conditions.

Headphones suitable for hybrid operation

In addition to being suitable for daily use, its ergonomic structure also attracts attention. It differs from an ordinary headset thanks to its stylish Scandinavian design. It comes with a stylish carrying bag so you can easily carry it anywhere. There are various connection options. It also allows connection to multiple devices at the same time. It connects to PC via dongle and to tablets or mobile phones via Bluetooth. Since they are headsets designed entirely for a hybrid layout, each product is Microsoft Teams certified, giving you one-touch meeting control. It is also compatible with all unified communications platforms. The most important feature of wireless headphones is undoubtedly the usage time. The battery life is longer than other Bluetooth headsets on the market. EPOS ADAPT 260 wireless headset is the lightest product in this series and you can use it comfortably all day. It does not have active noise canceling feature, but it is a product that you can easily use in a hybrid setup. EPOS ADAPT 360 wireless Bluetooth headset is a product with which you can have meetings and listen to music. For those who prefer neckband and in-ear options , EPOS ADAPT 460 is among the products we can recommend as a wireless Bluetooth headset. If you have to work in very noisy environments, you can choose EPOS ADAPT 560 and EPOS ADAPT 660 wireless headphones. Since these products have an Active Noise Cancellation feature in addition to passive noise filtering, your concentration will not be disturbed.

These headphones are suitable for the hybrid system and can be used in the office as well. Since there is easy pairing between devices, you can make calls instantly. Thanks to EPOS's advanced sound technology, listening to music will also be very enjoyable.

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