EPOS Manager Nedir, Ne İşe Yarar?

What is EPOS Manager and what does it do?

EPOS Manager is a software tool for managing EPOS headsets and audio devices. This software allows IT administrators or individual users to manage the entire portfolio of EPOS audio devices from a central location. EPOS Manager has a variety of functions for organizing firmware updates, performing user analytics, and monitoring audio devices in general. Especially in large businesses or where a lot of EPOS devices are used, this type of management tool can be quite useful.

What are the Features of EPOS Manager?

EPOS Manager is cloud-based, meaning it can be accessed over the internet, making it easy to update and monitor devices remotely. You can also use this free platform on-premise. Administrators can track which headsets users are using, which features are used most, and more. This will be very useful especially for IT departments in terms of device compatibility, updates and overall user experience.

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