EPOS ActiveGard Teknolojisi Nedir?

What is EPOS ActiveGard Technology?

EPOS ActiveGard technology is a feature that protects users against sudden sound increases. This technology protects the user's hearing health by providing protection against acoustic shocks.

What is EPOS ActiveGard Technology?

Sound Level Protection: ActiveGard instantly detects and automatically reduces sound levels that are too loud, protecting the user against sudden and unexpected sound increases.

Acoustic Shock Protection: Protects the user's hearing health by preventing acoustic shocks (sounds such as fax tones) that may occur during phone calls.

Comfortable Use: This technology increases the comfort of users and provides a comfortable experience even during long-term use.

What are the Advantages of EPOS ActiveGard Technology?

Secure Communication: Allows users to communicate clearly and securely even in noisy environments.

Protecting Ear Health: It reduces the risk of hearing loss in long-term use and protects the user's hearing health.

User Comfort: Thanks to ActiveGard technology, users can communicate comfortably and safely knowing that they are protected against loud sounds.

Who is EPOS ActiveGard Suitable for?

Ideal for call center workers, telemarketers, customer service representatives and professionals who are in constant contact by phone.

EPOS ActiveGard technology was developed to protect your hearing health and make your daily communication safer and more comfortable.

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