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The Importance of Call Center Headsets

Call center headsets are a vital tool that increases the productivity and comfort of call center workers. Headphones improve employee sound quality, reduce noise and help employees be more productive. This also increases productivity. It should not be forgotten that satisfied customers increase brand reputation and increase reliability. The fact that employees can respond to customers more clearly and hear them actually depends entirely on call center headsets. EPOS continues to maintain its quality in call center products as well as in all its products.

There are some important criteria in the selection of call center headsets. These are as we explained in detail in our previous blogs; sound quality, comfort, durability and ease of use. When it comes to sound quality, it is highly possible that EPOS comes to mind. As successful in every segment, it also shows itself in call center headsets. Quality sound is very important for both the customer and the employee. Hearing your voice or understanding what is being said forms the basis of communication. We come across phrases like 'what' or 'can you repeat please' all the time. At this point, EPOS distinguishes itself from its competitors with its own developed Voice Clarity feature. There is a constant circulation of employees in the call center and not everyone may take care of their headphones with the same care. That's why it's extremely important for a call center headset to be durable. Call center headsets play an important role in making call centers function effectively and efficiently. Choosing the right headset improves both employee satisfaction and customer experience. Therefore, it is important to be careful when choosing call center headsets.

Another factor that makes call center headsets important is the ease of use. Being able to control the incoming calls from the call control unit, adjust the volume or mute, these usage advantages also provide convenience to the user.

Call center headsets are as important for companies as they are for customers and employees. While a company's giving quality headphones to its employees increases the importance it attaches to communication, it increases the company's perception in the market positively. Employees can work with both hands thanks to the headset, which allows them to do different tasks at the same time. This also saves time, thus increasing productivity. EPOS has revealed some truths in a research he commissioned. It has been revealed that not only the call center headset, but also the use of headsets in general increases productivity. Call center companies should also consider the ear health of the employees, earphones should be chosen to protect the ear health against sudden explosions. At this point, EPOS brings its headphones to the fore with ActiveGard technology. It is important to prevent acoustic shocks for employees who hold long-term interviews. It is not possible to prevent this in conversations spoken directly from the telephone handset, at this point the importance of using a call center headset increases a little more. EPOS, which always considers ear health and has more than 115 years of scientific research, prioritizes user health while designing its products.

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