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Why Should I Prefer Wireless Headsets in Call Center Headsets?

While providing professional sound with wireless headphones, you can walk around with your headset on with the convenience of not having a cable, and you never have to worry about your call center headset cable getting caught on anything.


So what types of wireless office headsets are there?


There are two types of wireless call center headsets:


  • Bluetooth Headphones
  • Dect Headphones


What should I look for in wireless call center headsets?


  • Talk Time : Talk time refers to how long the battery can last when used for communication. Make sure you know how long you can use the headset on a busy day.
  • Headphone Distance . Wireless range or roaming range refers to how far away you can be.
  • Connection Quality : A perfect connection provides uninterrupted communication in the call center.
  • Availability of Active Noise Canceling Feature: With ANC, i.e. Active noise canceling feature, you can have a clear conversation in the call center without transmitting background noise.
  • Ergonomics: If you work in a busy office and have conversations throughout the day, you should have an ergonomic office headset suitable for your head type.



Are There WI-FI Call Center Headsets?

Some gaming headsets come with Wi-Fi connectivity. As far as we know, there is a significant

The office headset manufacturer does not currently produce a Wi-Fi office headset.


Yealink BH76 is the best option for your call centers with Qi wireless charging headset support, stereo speakers with Ole Wolff diaphragm, unique retractable microphone boom and more.




Bluetooth Headphones


Why Should I Use Bluetooth Headphones?


Because Bluetooth is so widely supported that your headset will be compatible with VoIP phones, smartphones, tablets, laptops and more.

Some Bluetooth headsets allow you to connect with more than one device.


To use a Bluetooth headset with a VoIP phone, the IP phone must support Bluetooth.
The IP phone may have built-in Bluetooth or require the use of a Bluetooth dongle.

This dongle will be plugged into one of the IP phone's USB ports. But just because an ip phone has a USB port doesn't mean the phone will support a Bluetooth dongle.

You need to check your IP phone's Bluetooth support and headset compatibility.

You can check the compatibility of your Yealink headphones from the link below.



Many Bluetooth headsets come with a USB dongle in the package. These dongles are also

available separately. Whichever port it works with, there are USB-A and USB-C variants.


You can view Yealink Bluetooth Headset models from the link below.




Yealink WH66 Dect Office Headset is designed for the daily communication needs of call center employees with a wireless headset range of up to 160 meters and a talk time of up to 14 hours. With its 2x Microphone design, it filters out ambient noise and offers your customer a better communication experience.


Dect Headphones


Why Should I Use Dect Headphones?


Digital Enhanced Wireless Communication, or Dect technology, is a radio technology developed for wireless communication that helps transmit signals between the unit and the headset.


It provides a more stable connection by reducing the spectrum density.

With its extended wireless range, it offers more headphone range than Bluetooth models can offer. Some DECT headset models have a wireless range of 200 meters.

DECT can provide outstanding communication security with advanced features.


You can view Yealink Dect Headphone models from the link below.


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