Aktif Gürültü Engelleme (ANC) Teknolojisi Nedir?

What is Active Noise Canceling (ANC) Technology?

ANC technology, also known as Active Noise Cancellation, is among the most talked about technologies today.

The foundations of the first noise canceling technology were laid in 1936, and its reflection on headphones took place in 2000. In this process, this technology, which extends from automobiles to different sectors, started to make a splash all over the world and the 'electronic noise management test' was tried in many sectors.

How Does ANC Technology Work?

If we look at its reflection on the headset, Active Noise Canceling (ANC) detects external sounds with the microphone or microphones on the headset and reduces those sounds to zero by producing frequencies opposite to those sounds. This way, only the sound you want to hear comes through your headphones. Each headset has a button to activate or deactivate this technology. The user can turn ANC on or off whenever he wishes. Headphones with ANC feature are among the headphones preferred by people working on mobile devices. You can attend meetings while traveling or in crowded environments, or carry out your conversations flawlessly.

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