2023’te Toplantılar için En İyi İnteraktif Ekran ve Panolar

The Best Interactive Displays and Dashboards for Meetings in 2023

With changes in the corporate office environment, interactive displays have become indispensable equipment in meeting rooms. So, what is the best interactive display for meeting rooms (and businesses) in 2023? As everyone knows, this must be Yealink MeetingBoard!

What are the Features of Interactive Screen Yealink MeetingBoard?

1. Standout Appearance:

Yealink MeetingBoard's all-metal body and integrated design won the prestigious red dot design award, referred to as the "Oscar" in the design industry. This product fits seamlessly into open office spaces, executive offices, meeting rooms of different sizes and other spaces.

2. Rich Application Scenarios:

MeetingBoard; It integrates seamlessly with open office space, executive office, meeting rooms of various sizes and other scenarios. It makes any space a collaborative workspace.

3. Improved Deployment Experience:

  • Zoom or Microsoft Teams compatible Digital whiteboard and pen
  • clear the table
  • Remote Device Management
  • Ease of remote collaboration

4. Smart Whiteboard Interactive Display:

MeetingBoard's responsive display and innovative features boost team creativity and productivity with premium ink, collaborative diagrams, fluid components, and other rich content.

5. Everything in One:

MeetingBoard integrates professional audio and video capabilities, an effective collaboration whiteboard, multi-party wireless projection display, interactive touch screen, smart display and other applications in one platform.

Yealink MeetingBoard; It includes a 4K camera, crystal clear speaker, full duplex microphones and a 65/86 inch interactive display whiteboard. For more information, you can visit our Yealink MeetingBoard page.

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