Home Cinema Experience Redefined


Bang & Olufsen is pleased to announce the availability of the 97” version of the world-famous Beovision Harmony to customers. This takes the cinematic experience to an unprecedented level.

The 97” version of Beovision Harmony is not only the largest LG OLED display on the market, but also accompanies the 2.15 meter wide screen with new wooden and aluminum speaker covers, revealing the screen in all its beauty and adding magic to the home theater experience. All this while crowning Scandinavian design principles, craftsmanship and unmatched sound quality.

97” Beovision Harmony will be offered in Black Anthracite, Natural and Gold coatings as well as wooden material options, and will also offer completely customizable special design solutions.

The new size complements the existing portfolio, including 65”, 77”, 83” and 88” options, so it is possible to get a powerful audio and video experience in any room, no matter how large or small. Beovision Harmony can also be connected to other Beolab speakers for an immersive audio experience. Bang & Olufsen's Beolab 90, Beolab 50 or Beolab 28 home speakers are your best choice for a more immersive audio experience.

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