Perfect Sound Experience Everywhere with Bang & Olufsen!

Offering powerful sound and unique design together, Bang & Olufsen; It brings the music experience to the digital world. Designs where art and music are exhibited together take the first step into the metaverse world.

Bang & Olufsen stepped into the digital world with its DNA collection; It brings together the combination of art and music with Metaverse users. This new collection, prepared by coming together with Web3 designers; It refers to the year of birth of the brand, 1925. Among the NFTs published with the 1925 NFT, the brand's most iconic designs such as A9 also take their place.

Bang & Olufsen is creating 3D sales for the metaverse by collaborating with NFT artists to reimagine how their products can look, feel and work. Like the iconic Beoplay A9 in this new digital world of Bang & Olufsen, which creates its designs in every field with the idea of ​​going beyond the ordinary and innovating; It features the Beogram 4000 turntable, Beolab 90 speakers, as well as a brand new digital product design, The Beoverse Alpha, a conceptual boombox designed for use in the Metaverse.

DNA Collection's NFTs are produced according to a predefined distribution of products and product features. After this process, each NFT holder receives an art Bottle and a music Bottle containing a piece of art and music that will be created when the Bottles are combined with the DNA Collection NFT on Bang & Olufsen's coinage site.

You can view and purchase Bang & Olufsen's unique and fascinating DNA Collection at using an Ethereum compatible cryptocurrency wallet such as MetaMask and Coinbase.

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