Bang & Olufsen Beoplay A9; Comes Together with Turkish Designers in its 10th Anniversary

“Art of A9”

Bang & Olufsen is coming together with exciting designers from many countries around the world with the "Art of A9" project for Beoplay A9, one of its most iconic designs. Turkey's visionary designers Erdem Akan and Deniz Salaçin Erciyas contribute to the unique project with their unique designs.

Applying their unique designs to the circular canvas of Beoplay A9, Erdem Akan and Deniz Salaçin Erciyas reinterpret this unique speaker as a work of art. Within the scope of the "Art of A9" project, art and music come together with the designs they made on these special canvas covers that will be produced in limited numbers.

Designer Erdem Akan; He calls this design he prepared for the Art of A9 project "Sound Garden". In this design, Erdem Akan starts from a pattern he saw on a wall tile from the 16th century and is inspired by the lines on that tile. While the patterns and bird details used in his design represent music and sound waves; At the same time, the Iznik style pattern, which represents the traditionality and ostentation of the works of art, synthesizes east and west. It keeps traditional and modern lines together. It creates an aesthetic energy.

While designer Deniz Salaçin Erciyas brought her design to life; It is inspired by simplicity, colors, shapes, patterns in nature and the abstract expression of what nature makes you feel. In his design for the "Art of A9" project, he blends the things that affect him in nature with his own perspective. Deniz Salaçin Erciyas, who transferred the challenge from her inner world to her design by creating a sculptural design; He designs a visual that transcends borders and transports people to nature. While realizing his design, with both the unique tones of music and the visuality of art; It reflects the waves, the sun, green and the natural flow of life in these geometric forms. It describes the sounds, colors and smells of nature.

Created by blending art and technology, Beoplay A9 offers an eye-catching design with contemporary lines along with perfect sound. You can visit Bang & Olufsen Akasya and Bang & Olufsen Kanyon stores to get to know the Beoplay A9, which is made of first-class materials with its unique, customizable and timeless design, the canvas cases specially designed for the "Art of A9" and the entire other B&O collection.

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