Central Management of Zoom Phone Devices

Easy Troubleshooting And Root Cause Analysis

Central Network Management and Quality Monitoring

Scalability to Support Thousands of Devices

To deliver a superior Zoom Phone experience, IT teams must be able to easily monitor employees wherever they are, without the need for physical access to employee equipment to quickly and successfully resolve communication issues. The AudioCodes One Voice Operations Center (OVOC) audio network is a management system suitable for all these options.
OVOC offers centralized management of audio network devices and end-to-end experience monitoring quality in one intuitive web-based application. It also provides the IT team with comprehensive troubleshooting tools and root cause analysis capabilities that ensure efficient and stable communication for remote workers.

By leveraging AudioCodes' global partner network and professional services, AudioCodes provides comprehensive Zoom Phone solutions in an easy and effective way with a per-user per-month pricing policy.


• Monitor network management and quality on a single screen

• Improve system availability with proper troubleshooting

• Get smart insights on network usage and performance


Highly scalable to support thousands of devices

• Real-time call quality monitoring and root cause analysis

• Dual Glgablt Ethernet ports

• Central reporting and information distribution

BYOC For Zoom Phone

AudioCodes SBCs are specifically designed to enable Zoom Phone connectivity with BYOC services, making it easier to work seamlessly with legacy PBXs.

AudioCodes for Zoom Phone

AudioCodes 400 HD series IP phones, when used as part of One Voice for Zoom, deliver a user experience that looks and feels exactly like traditional telephony and video calls via Zoom.

Zoom Phone Management

The AudioCodes One Voice Operations Center (OVOC) audio network management system monitors Zoom Phone audio quality to resolve communication issues as they arise.