Yeastar Workplace

All-in-One Workplace Management

The meeting room reservation, table reservation and visitor management systems you need to digitally transform your workplace are in one place.

Yeastar Toplantı Odası Çözümleri

Meeting rooms, desks and visitors - all in one

Designed for modern offices and the future of work, Yeastar Workplace is a one-stop workplace management solution for businesses to better utilize workplace resources and create a hybrid workplace. Especially today, it helps create a safe, flexible office environment that encourages employees to return, and ensures that every piece of property is valuable.

Meeting Room Reservation System

Increase seamless face-to-face collaboration

✓ Room Planning

✓ Real Time Availability

✓ Check-in and Automatic Confirmation

✓ Room amenities

✓ Meeting Services

Table Reservation System

Enable table sharing and flexible seating

✓ Reserve Tables in Advance

✓ Interactive Floor Map

✓ Peer Finder

✓ Team Space

✓ Collaborative Desk

Visitor Management System

Manage who comes to your office and visitors

✓ Visitor Pre-Registration

✓ Contactless Check-in

✓ Host Notifications

✓ Customizable Surveys

✓ Visitor records

Reservation, management and analytics - all in one

It is easy and understandable for both users and administrators.

Employee Reservation

Yeastar Workplace facilitates a smarter booking process with less administration. Employees can easily navigate the online platform to find and reserve work and collaboration spaces that best suit their needs.

  • Multiple separation grid views
  • Interactive, searchable and bookable office map
  • Filter the search by location, seating, and amenities
  • Advance, temporary and recurring reservation

Space Management

Yeastar Workplace makes it easy to keep things on track. Office managers can maintain control of space allocation, ensure workplace compliance, and meet occasional needs with centralized management.

  • Keep historical records of all booking and visitor activities
  • Keep your buildings and people coordinated
  • Apply custom rules and approval process control
  • Set scheduled reminders and email notification
  • Require check-in and check-out to confirm and cancel reservations

Workplace Analytics

Yeastar Workplace provides great visibility into what's going on in an organization. Workplace leaders can more effectively identify the biggest pressures on resources and opportunities for optimization.

  • Data-driven decision on workplace design strategies
  • A holistic view of space usage and visitor behavior
  • Trends and patterns in a given time frame
  • Advanced reporting on various usage statistics

Software, hardware and integration - all in one

Alongside the intuitive online booking platform, Yeastar Workplace also integrates additional hardware devices and 3rd party systems to offer an all-inclusive solution to go beyond the average booking experience and serve different business management needs. With everything in its place, your workplace is fully equipped to operate at its best.

Room Screen

People Counting Sensor

Room Comfort Sensor

Table Occupancy Sensor

Visitor Screen

Integrate With Your Existing Tools

Connect Yeastar Workplace to Microsoft Teams, Microsoft 365 or Google Workspace to provide seamless booking and two-way schedule synchronization across your familiar apps. Integrate with Active Directory or OpenLDAP to simplify employee directory updates and easily maintain accurate personnel records.