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New Generation Smart Communication event held on March 10, 2021 by Bircom in cooperation with HUAWEI, Bircom CEO Can İlkhan and HUAWEI Turkey Sales Manager Emre Filiz talked about the benefits of IdeaHub and Smart Office Solutions in the normalization process.

Topics are Covered in New Generation Communication Event;

• How are the trends in the world progressing in the normalization process?

• How can we balance the Hybrid Working model, which is a combination of remote and office work, and what are the expectations of employers and employees in this process?

• What should be considered in a successful Hybrid Operating Model?

• Which investments should we make to increase productivity?

• What are the expected changes in office environments and which are the devices that will make business life easier with these changes?

• What solutions does HUAWEI IdeaHub offer for information sharing within the organization in Hybrid Work environments?

• What are the HUAWEI IdeaHub solutions and usage scenarios for previously invested and currently used products? What infrastructure is required?

• What are the HUAWEI IdeaHub product portfolio and features and the advantages it will provide for us in our daily lives, and the effects of the lean meeting experience in the Hybrid Working environment?

• What are smart whiteboard functions and video conferencing solutions?